Our history

Modena Centro Prove is a testing and analysis laboratory that operates
in the sector of chemical analyses and technological services.
The laboratory was founded in the mid-1980s following the closure of the Acciaierie di Modena steelworks, and became an independent laboratory in 1985. Shortly thereafter, two new divisions were created to work alongside the “Metallurgical Division”: the “Ecology Division” and the “Ceramics Division”.

This diversification of services makes Modena Centro Prove a complete service facility operating within an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving production context.
Presently, the Modena Centro Prove laboratory continues to operate in full compliance with applicable and voluntary quality standards, rendering it a leading company in the marketplace and unique in its sector thanks to the full range of testing services offered.

What we are

Modena Centro Prove was established in order to assist local, national and foreign companies to meet product quality and reliability requirements for national and international markets. It provides highly qualified analyses and testing services, including materials testing and defect diagnosis.

Since 2000, the company has been located in Via Sallustio 78, in Modena, and its laboratories occupy an area of about 1000 m2.
It offers a truly comprehensive service to companies and makes use of a network of competent private and public collaborators to meet the multiple needs of its customers.

What we do

Modena Centro Prove is a company that operates in the field of chemical analysis and technology services. The current operational areas are many.

Ceramics Area: utilising analytical controls from raw materials to the finished product, it helps technicians to optimize the production cycle and verify compliance with Ecolabel standards and CE marking requirements for ceramic tiles, tile-laying adhesives and waterproof sheaths.

Metallurgy Area: provides support to company quality control units in verifying the correspondence of products to the design, both for acceptance and the more delicate failure analysis procedure.

Environment and Food Area: serves as a corporate partner for compliance with laws and regulations in force, and in analytical and technical support activities.

Business Services: in Modena Centro Prove there is a “Customer Service” consisting of technicians ready to assist customers in the challenges imposed by the market

Its ability to operate across several productive fields with an extensive range of tests and services makes Modena Centro Prove a unique centre on the market and, at the same time, guarantees customers complete responses to all their needs.

Our Team

The Modena Centro Prove team is young and energetic and, at the same time, extremely experienced and specialized. Fresh, proactive and cutting-edge, our team is capable of providing customers with professional and helpful assistance.
Absolute importance is given to the instruction, training and constant retraining of all staff, with a view to continuous improvement, through courses that address strictly technical issues, as well as project management, leadership and problem solving, customer orientation and communication.

Moreover, numerous individual assessments (proficiency tests, inter-laboratory comparisons, etc.) allow the staff of Modena Centro Prove to continue to offer the utmost precision and accuracy in their work.

Important Dates

  • 1985 - Birth of the Company
  • 1988 - New Ecology Department
  • 1989 - New Ceramics Department
  • 1992 - Accreditation Sinal
  • 1994 - One of the first laboratories with Plasma ICP
  • 1996 - Industrialisation of the Rietvield method
  • 1997 - Instrument Renewal (XRF, XRD, GC, GC mass, etc.)
  • 2000 - Opening of the new plant in Sallust Street
  • 2001 - ISO 9001 with TÜV Certification
  • 2004 - CPD notification on tiles and adhesives
  • 2005-Renewal of instrumentation mechanical sector (traction test machines, Charpy pendulum, etc.)
  • 2007-Purchase part of company Sassuololab
  • 2009-Purchase tools for accelerated testing (saline mist, UV test, seometer, etc.
  • 2010 - Accreditation of Accredia
  • 2011 - Institutional Accreditation
  • 2012 - Renewal of tools ceramics sector (BOT 3000, Pendula, etc.)
  • 2013 - CPR notification on tiles and adhesives
  • 2014 - CPR notification on waterproofing sheaths (the first in Italy)
  • 2017 - Purchase Chamber of thermal cycles and scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  • 2020 – UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification