Samples of pollutants in the workplace, checks on the state of conservation of reinforced concrete roofing, control of building materials and coatings, testing of semi-finished and plastic materials: these are just some examples of the services that the Modena Centro Prove laboratory offers customers, providing them assistance and professionalism.
We have three operational divisions: Metallurgy, Ceramics and Ecology. These divisions employ highly qualified and trained personnel, who work to protect customers’ businesses by giving them the most accurate results.

With its Metallurgy and Ceramics divisions, Modena Centro Prove provides companies with quality control, research and development support.
The Ecology division, on the other hand, supports all aspects of the company with regard to its environmental impact and health and safety in the workplace.
We offer a wide range of essential services for companies to perform increasingly qualified and professional work and render them capable of placing increasingly high-quality products on the market.


Modena Centro Prove is equipped with the most modern instruments available on the market.
Among the most significant equipment we can quote the fluorescence spectrometers RX (fixed or portable), The metal spectrometer, traction test machines, instruments for accelerated ageing. It has gas chromatographers, mass gases and ionic chromatographs, environmental and chimney sampling equipment (Probes, personal samplers, gas analyzers, etc.). The RX diffrmeter and the test equipment are of great relevance on tiles (dynamometer, impact test, pullmeter, dimensional control, etc.).

Type of analysis

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Questa sezione è di supporto alle aziende del settore nel controllo della filiera produttiva, dalle materie prime al prodotto finito. Fornisce...
Si occupa dei campionamenti e delle analisi chimiche di aria, acque, rifiuti, terreni, siti contaminati.
This is the oldest Division of the Laboratory. It deals with chemical analyses, mechanical tests, metallographic testing of both finished and...